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Custom Essay (2017-01-19)

Structure of a (argumentative) essay

The structure of an essay is generally free, unless a particular structure is required by your teacher. The structure of most of the essays is composed of an introduction, a central part and a conclusion.

In this article we start with the structure of the most common type of essay in an academic context: the discursive essay .


Before you start writing you need to know what conclusion you ascribe. An individual can come during the writing process behind this, but many will lose the thread when they just start writing. Consider what you want to say in each paragraph, and write it in briefly on a schedule.


The introduction should make the reader curious about the content of the essay. It's a good idea to use a (personal) anecdote, going to set up a current news item or rake some questions. Name the background and the reason for the subject. At the end of the introduction should be clear where you want to go with your essay.


In the central part of your essay you going to argue. You give your views on the subject. For example, make clear why not work the current situation, what alternative is there and why this alternative works. Your argument must be reliable in order to convince, so use enough resources . Do not assume that the facts speak for themselves from these sources, but lay readers why this source supports your position.

  • Keep the argument succinctly: wide not to unimportant details.
  • The first (or sometimes second sentence) of the paragraph the rest of the paragraph should umbrella for. This sentence you explain the rest of the paragraph.
  • Besides only arguments you can also use counter-arguments by refuting them in your argument. there Pay attention that your rebuttal is convincingly better than the counterargument used.

The conclusion should follow logically from the preceding part of your essay. Look again back on the introduction: that you wanted to convince the reader? Explain how the argumentation part leads to the final conclusion. Finish the conclusion gripping, for example, with a powerful one-liner. Make sure the claim lingers in the reader.


The above text is regularly cited the reader, but who is this reader? In general, you can assume that the reader is reasonably well informed, interested and educated person, for example, readers of a magazine like Elsevier.

Writing Style

Best essays UK is less formal than other scientific genres such as a thesis, but is still serious. With an original wording often you score points but do not play the joker. To what extent an informal or personal style is valued depends on your teacher. Be clear. A difficult writing style may seem interesting, but you can better ensure that all readers understand the essay without difficulty.