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1 Profesionales listos para fortalecer la lengua indígena Dedican graduación al Maestro Guillermo McLean

sara heil (2016-08-13)

There are mainly eight tribes that are indigenous to the Caribbean. They are: the Arawak, the Carib, the Ciboney, the Galibi, the Garifuna, the Igneri, the Lucayan and the Taino. The Arawak are the first natives of the Caribbean islands encountered by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish explorers when they arrived on the islands. They are Amerindians and include such tribes as the Taino, the Lucayan, the Bimini, the Nepoya, the Suppoyo, the Igneri and the Lokono. The Caribs are also an Amerindian tribe, as writer for thesis proposal states about it. Words such as hurricane, hammock, iguana and barbeque, which are now commonly used in the English language, are originally derived from the Carib language.